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hi, call me isobel. i'm eighteen years old and i live in a sinkhole somewhere in the east coast. i'm a boring person who complains about being bored, a dreamer, a defeatist, and- for a lack of a better word- a nerd.

LIKES: the sun, the moon, reading, writing, drawing, dreaming.

MUSIC: arctic monkeys, cherub, fortunate youth, lana del rey, the rolling stones, the doors, bruce springsteen, temper trap, mgmt.

TV/MOVIES: a:tla, lok, how i met your mother, american dad, skins, misfits, the office, wrist cutters: a love story, slc punk, donnie darko, girl interrupted, martino's summer, son of rambow.

BOOKS: glue, everything is illuminated, invisible monsters, norwegian wood, kafka on the shore, the virgin suicides.
currently reading: the painted bird by jerzy kosinski.

ANIME/MANGA: deadman wonderland, eyeshield 21, aoharaido, ore monogatari, yumimeru taiyou, orange, ao no exorcist, dokuhime.